Blessings of Springtime

glorious sunlight
with the blessings of springtime
life upon the shore

I took this photo while walking along the shore near my home. It is one of my favorite places. I hope you got to enjoy your day.

Edits made with Adobe Spark. Photo take with my Samsung S9.

December 30, 2020

the sun’s descent
behind the mountains
into the sea

I took this photo at Marina Beach, along the Edmonds waterfront earlier this week. It’s one of my favorite place on earth.

Shot with my Samsung S9, I’m quite amazed at the quality of images that I get from my phone. I also wonder how much better my photos would be if I used a better phone, or, egads, an actual camera.

Sun Stretched Upon The Cold Wind

The sun stretches me
Solar motion elongates
Sun in brutal cold

Walking along the Edmonds Waterfront. With the strong wind from the north, the air was brisk, cold. Bright and sunny later in the day, which made our mid-afternoon walk much more pleasant.