A Saturday Snowfall

Snowfall in Lynnwood

snow falling
memories: moments of cheer
delights of childhood

Snow isn’t quite a joyous a thing as an adult as I found it as a child. Yet the echoes remain.

This is my contribution to today’s Word of the Day challenge, with today’s word “cheery”. I took a little liberty with “cheery”. I hope it cheers you, at least.

Signs of Spring

Snow upon the firs

upon this first snow
a group of robins gather
a first sign of spring

Though there was snow on the ground this morning, it was mostly gone by early afternoon. Then, during my afternoon walk, I saw a group of robins rummaging through the fallen leaves. Winter may be in place now, but spring cannot be stopped!

Remnants of the Snow

Remnants of the snow

Outside this early morning

More of the grass seen

The past few weeks have had me dealing with a brutal cold, which progressed into a sinus infection So I didn’t get much in the way of photos during Seattle’s snow storm, and I love photos of the snow. But I got thisne, which is something.