Seek Tranquility

seek tranquility
be content with quiet things
the beauty of dawn

I wrote this as a response to a haiku challenge on Twitter. The key word was “content”. Now, I thought about “content” as in “content creation”, but the more I thought about it, I felt the focus should be more aligned with “contentment”. The whole zen thing I focus on.

This haiku makes me think of one of my mantras/mission statements, “live simply so that others may simply life”. Being content, eliminating greed and gross consumption, to seek balance…these are all elements of my life which I wish to grow.

Early Morning, June27, 2020

an ocean of sound

boldly starting the day

the sky remains dark

Pre-dawn tones, birds and insects chatter, apart yet together. Robins, crickets, then crows: acoustic motion across my consciousness.

Saturday morning, just a few more days left of June. Many types of chronological motion, too, greying my hair. Speaking to me of near ancient memories. Ancient, at least, in terms of humanity, of human life-spans.