June evening thoughts

Laying here in bed, recovering. I, like so many others, have fallen to covid’s cruelty. Fortunately for me, the effects have been relatively minor. Extreme fatigue, a steady cough, intense congestion remain. Yesterday’s fever subsided this morning, along with the throat so sore swallowing was painful.

summer heat fades
a breeze bringing relief
windchimes sing

A fever during 90 degree heat…added unpleasantries. Today’s much cooler weather granted deep relief. I’m grateful.

so much cruelty 
fury trafficked rage
politics of pain

With all the recent news, I feel sadness. Will this society heal? What will rise from these ashes? Is there any beauty left?

I wonder.

Winter Haikus

A friend of mine just forwarded me this comic featuring some clever haiku/senryu, and I wanted to share these with you. I find them delightful.

Unfortunately, the creator wasn’t cited in the email. Fortunately, a quick image search turned up “Cul De Sac, the blog of Richard Thompson“. Here’s the link to the original post, from 2010.

The Scent Of Rain

​As the sunlight fades
Comforting darkness flows in
With the scent of rain

It’s set to rain overnight and into tomorrow. Many of the Seattleites I know are ready for a bit of cool rain. I know, we’re a weird lot. When everything is green it feels the most like home. 

Keep Breathing

​Keep breathing deeply

Listen to the birds singing

Sunlight upon trees

Life’s tensions overwhelm at times. Remember to stop, focus on breathing deeply,controlled. Today, while doing this, the bird’s singing became vibrant. It’s what’s really important in life.