The Opportunity of Morning Sunlight

​morning sunlight

breeze changes direction


I see so much opportunity, and how privilege feeds that. How I can pick and choose amongst these choices, while so many others struggle to get by. 

How can I leverage privilege and expand opportunity for all? 

Is this how I make the world better?

Wisdom Learned The Hard Way: A Haiku

Early in the morning remembering the actions I regret. Unwilling to learn from my elders caused so much heartache. Eventually I learned this bit of wisdom: 

  1. a wise person learns from their mistakes
  2. a wiser person means from the mistakes of others
  3. the wisest person learns from the successes of others

Also I figured out that I learn more by listening than talking. 

The Past, The Future, Focus

stories of the past

yet I look to the future

I am far from done

Met a really cool guy today. A former Navy nuclear power program sailor, just like me. Though he is quite a bit younger. 

Swapped stories of our respective experiences, which I enjoyed. Yet I often worry in those moments that I’ll become like the subject of Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days”, a relic, trapped in the past. Grave fate, for me, at least.