June evening thoughts

Laying here in bed, recovering. I, like so many others, have fallen to covid’s cruelty. Fortunately for me, the effects have been relatively minor. Extreme fatigue, a steady cough, intense congestion remain. Yesterday’s fever subsided this morning, along with the throat so sore swallowing was painful.

summer heat fades
a breeze bringing relief
windchimes sing

A fever during 90 degree heat…added unpleasantries. Today’s much cooler weather granted deep relief. I’m grateful.

so much cruelty 
fury trafficked rage
politics of pain

With all the recent news, I feel sadness. Will this society heal? What will rise from these ashes? Is there any beauty left?

I wonder.

Yeah, I often make things too complex 

I often get wound up over the details in life. Seeking out the details can go to far and I simply add complexity. 

When I hurt my arm, instead of looking for the best medicine cocktail, I need to do slap some ice in it. The sooner the better.