June evening thoughts

Laying here in bed, recovering. I, like so many others, have fallen to covid’s cruelty. Fortunately for me, the effects have been relatively minor. Extreme fatigue, a steady cough, intense congestion remain. Yesterday’s fever subsided this morning, along with the throat so sore swallowing was painful.

summer heat fades
a breeze bringing relief
windchimes sing

A fever during 90 degree heat…added unpleasantries. Today’s much cooler weather granted deep relief. I’m grateful.

so much cruelty 
fury trafficked rage
politics of pain

With all the recent news, I feel sadness. Will this society heal? What will rise from these ashes? Is there any beauty left?

I wonder.

1 thought on “June evening thoughts”

  1. If ever a post called for an optimistic reply this is probably it. But I’m a pessimist. Yet l am a pessimist who is bouyed by the Phoenix of the senryu/ haiku rising from your Covid fever.
    As an outsider from US politics, I look with trepidation at what the unconscionable promotion of tribal allegiances over human values can do to a country. I see it here in Australia too. We need more than fictional superbeings to sort this lot out.
    So my remote friend, I say a little haiku for you, your country and mine. Every little bit of humanity counts.
    Thanks for your posts, I enjoy them and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
    David Don

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