June 6, 2020: Morning Haiku

freshest morning light

brightening the clouds at dawn

puddles of songbirds

Watching dawn move on a cloudy morning, light comes through the clouds slowly, gently. The firs brighten, birds wake, yet humanity’s quiet.

The world still convulses, desperate for justice. A new day, an opportunity for change, for hope, for peace.

This morning’s haiku: this age of rage

in this time of rage

invective traded like cash

poetry’s my peace

Checked Twitter this morning. So much rage. I’m not sure there’s not anyone without veins bulging nor invective dripping from their lips, a poison so sweet, so deadly. 

I’m glad I have this little garden on the internet, where I can delight in life and growth, not what’s been burned beyond recognition.

A Cycling Haiku

I move with the wind
Upon these steel wheels
Over asphalt night

I was able to ride this evening. Something I delight to do, though time has been challenging of late. The feeling of drifting over the road has long brought me tranquility and peace. A critical peace of my sanity while, as a young teen, I watched my mother consumed with cancer. Motion soothed my tortured soul. 

Violence Bets Violence

A message from the bishop of my Synod in response to the recent horror in Las Vegas :

Violence begets violence.
Peace begets peace!
We must be about peace.
+ Bishop Kirby Unti


I found this a perfectly poetical statement, and a powerful part of his email introducing this letter.