Morning Meditation: A Life You’re Proud Of

Do the best you can

Live a life you are proud of

And have no regrets

I woke with this idea, a strong voice in my head. This is how to live a life with no regrets. Always do the best work you can. Always seek actions that you are proud of. Then you’ll have nothing to be ashamed of. 

Today’s Black History Month Meditation: Rita Dove

Great advice for the new poet…and for the old. Of course today we always have our phone with us, capturing our thoughts, poem scraps along with photos. There’s research supporting pen-and-paper’s superiority, for what that’s worth. Ultimately, the best solution is the one you use. As long as you’re confident in capturing your ideas, your brain can focus on creation. 

Listening to Fear

Fear has great wisdom
Face it boldly and head-on
Always stay mindful

This is a profound challenge for me. I do not like the sensation of fear. Yet I know it’s a required sensation for growth. 

As we push ourselves outside our “comfort zone”,  fear holds sway. Listen to it, see what it’s trying to say, look for truth. Is there something real to be afraid of, or is it the unknown, the simple possibility of failure? When you’ve done such, answers tend you be intuitively obvious. 

I thrive in the predictable

Thriving on rhythms
Predictable patterns help
Free me from stresses

Chaos stresses me, for good and for ill. Looking back, I once believed I was adventuresome. Now, I see my delusion. Joining the Navy wasn’t radical. Well, I was born in a Naval hospital. There was nothing more known to me. Interesting this notion, embedded within my skull, that this adventure seeker persona was what I was supposed to be. Thus I always presented myself that way. Certainly believed that I was. Now I’m pleased with my domestic persona. That I’m stable, steadfast and sturdy. Funny that my career is full of change elements. And unsought for ones, too. But that’s another post.