Energize: A Haiku

Today’s One-Word Challenge (by Fandango) prompt is “energize”. This one might be more of a senryu than a haiku, but in today’s vernacular, “haiku” is often referred to as the 17 syllable poems in the 3 lines (5-7-5), so, here we are.

Tea is my preferred way to caffeinate, though I’m fond of coffee, too. A cup of tea on my couch, ideally with a book: a delightful way to start the day.

seeking to energize 
within the morning darkness
slowly sipping tea

Dusk In Edmonds

Dusk in Edmonds

such a graceful sight
as sun moves down the mountain
night’s beauty gathers

This is my contribution to the Fandango One Word Challenge for today: “such”. Not the easiest word to create from, I must say.

I took this photo a few days ago along the waterfront of Edmonds, WA, just a short drive from my house. It’s one of my favorite places.

Haiku Response to the FOWC: Disparage

Haiku 4-4-21

who can disparage
the wind’s grace within the sky
bird’s dance on the wing

This is my response to the Fandango Word Of The Day Challenge: “disparage”. One of my photos taken earlier this week, image edited in Adobe Spark, font Lora Regular.

Today’s Haiku: Verbal

Woolly Muses, a blog I’ve followed for awhile, posted their contribution to today’s FOWC (Fandango’s One-Word Challenge), with the key-word “verbal“. I enjoy these challenges, and I believe they solidly grow my creativity.

So, here’s my contribution:

words dance off my pen
verbal graces in sunlight
moving through silence