Energize: A Haiku

Today’s One-Word Challenge (by Fandango) prompt is “energize”. This one might be more of a senryu than a haiku, but in today’s vernacular, “haiku” is often referred to as the 17 syllable poems in the 3 lines (5-7-5), so, here we are.

Tea is my preferred way to caffeinate, though I’m fond of coffee, too. A cup of tea on my couch, ideally with a book: a delightful way to start the day.

seeking to energize 
within the morning darkness
slowly sipping tea

2 thoughts on “Energize: A Haiku”

  1. Mention of senryu tempts me to venture:
    On tea and forgiveness
    burnt rice in the tea
    justified to energise
    sadly not for me

    But seriously Carl, a very nice senryu, thank you

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