A Piano: Tonight’s Haiku

gentle touch of keys
movement of notes through the air
echoes of children

Today we journeyed down into Seattle’s University district. We ducked into the University Heights Community Center, which, decades ago was the elementary school my father and several of my uncles attended. I considered the thousands of children who passed through, their hopes, dreams and heartaches. Thus I connected to my history.

Waking in Kona, the surf singing to me 

My mind playing Iz*

A song I know

But whose name

Escapes me

Gentle and peaceful

Bringing me rest

And contentment

*If you aren’t familiar with the musician Iz, he was Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole. Learn more about him here. He’s long been high in my list of favorite musicians. 

Journeys to the End

The road goes further
Without places for dining
And the food was good

Exploring Hawaii, We went to a place called Southpointe. Ostensibly the southernmost pointe in the US. Hana Hou, the restaurant above is little ways away.

Nearby is a place called Paradise Meadows, which I found charming. A handy pit stop, with locally grown coffee and macadamia nuts. I enjoyed chatting with their collection of parrots.