Today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Wave, a Haiku

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the ocean’s motion
waves moving across the earth

Here is my contribution to the Word of the Day Challenge. Today’s word is “wave”. Having spent so much of my life near the ocean, this is the first place my mind went. I did think a bit about writing about physics, but, well, I decided oceans were more lovely.

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Today’s Haiku: Verbal

Woolly Muses, a blog I’ve followed for awhile, posted their contribution to today’s FOWC (Fandango’s One-Word Challenge), with the key-word “verbal“. I enjoy these challenges, and I believe they solidly grow my creativity.

So, here’s my contribution:

words dance off my pen
verbal graces in sunlight
moving through silence

Grace: A Haiku

Here is my contribution to today’s Word of the Day challenge: Grace.

I think a lot about grace. Its importance both to us, and to society. How grace enables humans to function together, and is the magic elixir that ends conflict. And that grace is undervalued, perhaps even reviled. We live in brutal times, my friends. 

A haiku about grace
A Haiku About Grace