As youth I chose
To deeply explore music
Each word critical 

Music is critical to me. For my teenage years, I focused my study there. Well, as best as I could focus at that age. Music means so very much to me. Understanding the way lyrics, melody and harmony intersect for the good of the story carried great value. 

I seek to recapture that. Spent some time this morning enjoying it again. Until life’s demands intruded. Soon, I’ll return. These delights critical to my soul. 

Responding to our vacuous cultureĀ 

Seeking richness 

And depth 

While our culture 

Celebrates and delights 

In the vacuous, 

The superficial,

The inane 

Gently, gently, 

With greatest care 

I dream we can bring 

A love for grace, 

Dignity, compassion 
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