A New Musical Discovery

I know that I mostly post poetry, and more specifically haiku, here. However, music also holds a dear spot in my soul. So, discovering this video today thrilled me in many ways (I grew up on a regular diet of Simon & Garfunkle), and I wanted to share it with all of you.

It’s a version of Simon & Garfunkle’s “America” done by the Swedish duo First Aid Kit. Check out who’s in the audience.


As youth I chose
To deeply explore music
Each word critical 

Music is critical to me. For my teenage years, I focused my study there. Well, as best as I could focus at that age. Music means so very much to me. Understanding the way lyrics, melody and harmony intersect for the good of the story carried great value. 

I seek to recapture that. Spent some time this morning enjoying it again. Until life’s demands intruded. Soon, I’ll return. These delights critical to my soul.