Saturday, June 1: Gratitude

Under this sunshine

Pondering fragility

And life’s strange graces

Such a strange week. Monday afternoon my son crashed his skateboard, ending up with a significant concussion and “mild” bleeding on the brain. Monday night & Tuesday were spent talking about many possible (and frightening) scenarios. Wednesday we’re talking about leaving and Thursday we made it home. Friday we joined some friends for dinner. Surreal, in the end.

Now, we only just started this journey. 45 minutes at dinner with friends exhausted him. He spent most this morning’s energy at our eye doctor’s simply getting glasses adjusted.

We’re home. His mind is mostly intact, and healing quickly. Doctors believe we’ll have 100% recovery. Looking at the possibilities, I feel deep gratitude. We escaped some brutal stuff. I’m grateful for that.

November’s Theme: Gratitude

It is November 

We focus on gratitude 

Growing our soul’s grace

Seems appropriate, the month of Thanksgiving, to focus on gratitude. Today’s haiku sets the stage, reminding us of the value of gratitude,  of connection, of interdependence.